I think about God a lot. Not always in a good way though. I enjoy His love but I’m not always sure how I feel toward Him—Some days I feel full. Some days I feel blah. Some days I feel like Peter who denied knowing Jesus. (-_-)

But no matter how I feel about Him, I realized it doesn’t change Who He is and how much He loves me. It’s a bit like how I feel about my son even when he doesn’t respond well to me—I still love him.

I started this space really as a way to savor His love and express them in words to encourage myself. I have to admit that baring my thoughts out here about God is frightening—I could be torn to shreds. But I feel like He’s nudging me to share so as to inspire some of you.

So if you’re encouraged by what I write, come back often.

I write out of a revelation that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus because God loves me and gave His only Son, Jesus, to die for me. My life is a reset and I now live this new life in Christ Jesus as God’s beloved child.

The main thrust in my articles is always to point you back to God and His amazing grace, to help you build a real and meaningful relationship with Him. You may also like to know that my posts are organized in these categories:

Musings are my reflections and thoughts about God.
Love Notes are inspirations I receive from His Word.
Verse Art are visual illustrations of His Word (some are my work but most are free resources).
Chinese Revelations are all about Jesus and His finished work in the Chinese language.

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The apple of His eye,