How To Stop Hurting When Others Ignore And Reject You

How To Stop Hurting When Others Ignore You
Been given the cold shoulder?
Said something only to be disregarded?
Feeling unheard and unseen, as if you’re invisible?

That sucks…SO MUCH.

I know. Because I’ve just had a taste of it recently. Someone ignored me completely in a group setting. He called out everyone by name, except me. And what made it worse was that this is isn’t the first time by the same person.

Maybe he just missed me. Maybe he thought I didn’t want to be called. Maybe he was short on time. But whatever reasons I tried to think of in retrospect, they didn’t help remove the sting I felt at that moment.

It was as if the person was saying, “You’re unimportant to me and I can’t be bothered to acknowledge your presence.” I swear that hurt 1000x more than an insult. I felt like I’d fallen off the surface of the earth and nobody had even noticed or cared. It was AWFUL.

But the Lord comforted me the minute I griped to Him. In a flash, He showed me this…

He is always with me. That was why I could complain to Him there and then! He is the only one who never ignores me because He can totally understand my pain. He, of all people, knows exactly how it feels to be ignored.

“He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him.”

Wait a minute. We’re talking about Jesus, the Son of God. The darling of heaven. The one who went around doing good and healing all. How is it possible that He was unwelcomed and disregarded?

But it’s true. The accounts were all recorded in the Bibleā€”the doubts from His family, the resistance from His town folks, the betrayal by His disciples, the murderous plot by the Pharisees. He was not just ignored. He was rejected outright!

Yet, what did our dear Lord do? Did He throw up His hands and asked to go home to His Father? Or did He call down fire and brimstones? He was fully capable of doing both but He chose neither.

Instead, He single-mindedly chose to die that horrible death on the cross just so the people who did not want anything to do with him can be saved from eternal doom. Isn’t that just mind-blowing?

He didn’t wait to be accepted. He didn’t asked to be approved. He didn’t need to be acknowledged. He just freely offered Himself. No strings attached.


So the next time you’re ignored, excluded or rejected, don’t focus on the hurt and the pain. Because dwelling on the sting is not gonna change anything. Trying to convince yourself that perhaps it isn’t you isn’t going to help either.

But remembering that you have a Lord who is close to the brokenhearted and understands precisely what you’re going through can help you to move on faster. I won’t promise you’ll feel great in an instant but I can guarantee that the pain will ease off a lot smoother and sooner.

Friend, you can’t change how others treat you but you can change how you react to them when you look to Jesus.

The more you remember that He, who is always with you, was rebuffed and spurned for your sake, you’ll supernaturally feel calmer and less self-absorbed.

And the next time you think about what happened again, you’ll search for the pain and will no longer find it.