Oh no, God Is Not Mad At You, He’s Mad About You!

God is not mad at you He is mad about you
A few weeks ago, my son did something grievously wrong. So wrong…it would have earned him capital punishment in the olden days.

Logically speaking, I should’ve been furious. But I was more shocked than angry.

His dad, who almost flew into a blind rage after learning what’d happened, instructed me to keep my distance from my son. He also forbade me to perform my routine motherly duties.

Well I tried. But even though my son was very wrong, I wasn’t fuming mad with him. I tried to ignore him for a day or so but I was still showing my concern on the side.

I was constantly checking on him on the sly, reminding his dad about the things my son needs on a daily basis.

“Please make sure he leaves for school by 7:15 am.”
“He needs his pocket money.”
“Are you going to get him dinner?”
“Remind him to complete his homework.”

I had to refrain very hard from preparing his breakfast. Or his favorite drink. And I had to feign nonchalance about his well-being.

It was a HUGE struggle.

And it struck me…didn’t God go through this with His rebellious children? I remember reading many instances of God showing grace to those who disobeyed Him in the Bible.

His love is too strong
Just look at Adam and Eve and what happened to them after they ate from that one tree God had said to stay away.

For all the trouble they’ve given us, I thought God should really have killed them or banish them to hell instead of just cursing them.

I mean the curses hardly crippled them. But the consequences of their disobedience were disastrous for us. Because of their ONE reckless act, we now live in a fallen world!

Yet God never pushed them away. He did not ignore them. In fact, He killed an animal to dress their nakedness right after they disobeyed.

Hello? We’re talking about God. Almighty God. Did He really have to do that for them? Like seriously God? You should be so mad at them!

I think God was too kind to them. And they weren’t the only rebellious ones whom God was kind to.

We read of so many accounts in the Old Testament on how the children of Israel openly rebelled against God. Yet the Bible records that God still love them. He even explained this inexplicable love in Hosea 11:8:

How can I give you up, Israel?
How can I abandon you?
Could I ever destroy you as I did Admah,
or treat you as I did Zeboiim?
My heart will not let me do it!
My love for you is too strong.

Oh how mad is this love! We think God should punish His people more severely but that’s not His thoughts. I guess that’s why Isaiah 55:8 says, God’s ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

A moment of anger vs a lifetime of love
Maybe some of you are asking: “What are you talking about? God was always angry. He was always cursing. He was always killing.”

Friend, that was in the Old Testament. It was way before He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for you and me.

God had little choice back then because sin had to be judged. Death was the only way out for sinners before Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

Even then, it was not God’s heart to punish and kill. Noticed His wrath never lasted? If it did, you and I probably won’t be here.

Maybe you’ve had hard thoughts about God. Maybe you think He’s still angry with you. Maybe you just disagree with what I’d just shared…And that’s alright.

Whatever your perspective is, let me just leave you with this verse from Psalm 30:5 NIV:

For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime;
Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning

I particularly like how the Message version puts it:

He gets angry once in a while, but across a lifetime there is only love.
The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter.

Friend, the Bible says God’s anger lasts only a moment. But you know what? Jesus absorbed that moment of anger for you on the cross. That’s why today, His love for you lasts a lifetime!

HAL-LE-LU-JAH! Welcome to days of laughter…because God is now your Abba Father. He is on your side. And He’s no longer mad at you! ^^