This Overflowing Outpouring Is Just Unstoppable

Love Poured Out

…because he poured out his life unto death… ~ Isaiah 53:12

Do you know that Jesus who created the universe loves us, so much so that He poured out His life unto death for us?

Just think about it: the Son of God could have just died on a cross and shed some blood. That would have been more than adequate to save us. But no, that was not good enough for Him because He didn’t just want to save us.

He chose to pour out every bit of Himself by suffering emotionally, mentally and physically because He wanted to make good His promise, “I came to give you life, and life more abundantly.”

Jesus had in mind to pour out His life right from the beginning. It wasn’t a random thought. It wasn’t a fancy idea. It wasn’t a careless mistake. It was His life mission—deliberate and planned.

The pouring wasn’t a trickle. It was a heavy outpouring.

When our Lord poured out His life, He was saving you and me. When He poured out His life, He was thinking of you and me. When He poured out His life, He was loving you and me.

He didn’t pour to get. He poured to give ALL of Himself. Completely. Unreservedly. Lavishly.

And because He poured out His life unto death for us, God is pouring out His blessings to us today. It’s an effusive overflow. No restraint. No holding back. It’s unstoppable!

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