Peace Or Piss? Why Having Peace Is Better Than Being Right

Peace or Piss
Hey, that’s not what I meant! You misunderstood me! How can you say that about me? This is so wrong!

Nobody likes being wronged. Certainly not me. I imagine you too. Most of the time, we can’t help but get upset and feel an urgent need to defend ourselves.

And that’s…when a situation can turn ugly.

I mean how many people can remain calm and tactful when they’re angry? More likely, they’ll be hurling thoughtless words and before long, emotions run high and the exchange becomes antagonistic.

So here’s my question: Must we correct every wrong? What if asserting you’re right comes at the expense of a relationship? Getting defensive is bound to ruffle someone’s feathers right? Something’s gotta give.

Now if you knew of the potential damage, would you choose to restrain and bite your tongue instead? Be the first person to step back and let the other person’s view prevail…even though you know you are right?

Not the easiest, I know. But…

I’ve learned through some hard knocks that “speaking your mind” isn’t always a good thing. Especially not when you value a relationship.

Which brings to mind a relative who is suffering the consequences of her impulsive outburst. She knew that saying certain things was going to hurt her son and yet she went ahead to say them anyway. End up? She irked her son so much so that he cut all ties with her. Had she just kept quiet, their relationship wouldn’t have soured.

So what do you value more? To be right? Or to have peace?

For me , I’m choosing peace because every time I do so, I noticed God gives me more favor and I end up in a better place. I’ve seen it in my relationship with my husband. I’ve also experienced it at my workplace.

No wonder Apostle Paul closed his second letter to the Corinthians with these words, “Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you.

Friend, the next time you run into some sort of conflict or are angry with someone, think about what Apostle Paul wrote. Choose love and peace. Because when you do so, you’re allying yourself with the God of love and peace. And if He is with you, who can triumph against you?